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Welcome to PC Illuminate, home of the most advanced multiple monitor configurations in the world. PC Illuminate is your productivity partner giving you the power and flexibility to increase your desktop real-estate and effectively handle more tasks at once. We screen every LCD panel we ship for perfection, and use only the most advanced and cutting edge display technologies on the market so when you buy from PC Illuminate, you will get only the best. Super-charge your computer and watch your productivity soar to new levels with an exclusive PC Illuminate professional grade display solution. Now is a great time to buy your next multi-monitor setup since our limited time sale event is now live featuring our lowest multi-monitor pricing ever!

PC Illuminate
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With years of experience in the technology industry, our experts design and support the most advanced, robust, and cost effective professional grade display solutions in the world. If you are in the market for a multi-monitor display solution, you have come to the right place!

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Accomplish more with more desktop real-estate to work with. Period. The ability to drag and drop your windows to any display brings new meaning to the term power computing. Multiple displays have been proven to increase productivity and with so much time spent on the computer, why not give multiple monitors a try?

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Trying to decide on the best multiple monitor solution to meet your needs or just want to learn more about different display technologies? Check out our Multi-Monitor Resource Center below.

The Technology Behind Our Display Solutions

 PC Illuminate is committed to excellence.

At PC Illuminate, you will not find outdated LCD panels. We don't carry lower resolution panels or low quality panels either. Our panels have the highest resolutions, fastest response times, highest contrast ratios, and sharpest images of just about any panel in production today since we select only the finest monitors for our display solutions. Most of our panels are driven by an LED backlight for the ultimate in brightness and picture quality. What this all breaks down to is that our display solutions are a step ahead of the competition. Increase your desktop real-estate today with an industry leading display solution from PC Illuminate.

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