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PC Illuminate Multi-View Multi-Monitor Workstations 

At the heart of each of our Multi-View Multi-Monitor Workstations is top of the line components with industry leading benchmark ratings, so when you buy a PC Illuminate workstation, you know you will have plenty of power to drive multiple monitors. We fine tune and engineer our workstations to perfection by hand picking only the top performing components on the market; To put it another way, we take our multi-monitor system building to a new level of excellence unmatched in the industry today. With some serious hardware under the hood and a capacity to drive between two and twelve monitors simultaneously, the brand new Multi-View Workstation line from PC Illuminate will unlock a new world of productivity and performance for even the most serious power user! As an added benefit, each of our workstations now comes packaged with our 3 year nationwide on-site warranty for those rare times you might be in a bind and need support fast! Light up the possibilities and increase your productivity with a brand new multi-monitor workstation from PC Illuminate!





Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 CPU

The all new line of PC Illuminate Multi-View Workstations feature the most advanced desktop processor in the world, the brand new Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7 series CPU. Our new Multi-View multi-monitor workstations feature record breaking performance thanks to Intel's groundbreaking 22nm Intel Core i7 3770k and 3930K processors.

12 monitor support
Drive up to 12 monitors

Watch your productivity soar to new levels with support for up to our 12 panel displays. Drag your applications and windows across the massive desktop real estate provided by the PC Illuminate Multi-View workstation to ensure you can increase your productivity by multi-tasking in style! Since our workstations run on the new Microsoft Windows 8 platform, you can be sure all of your favorite applications will run flawlessly on your new PC Illuminate multi-monitor setup.

Up To 64GB DDR3 Memory

With models featuring up to 64GB of DDR3 high performance system memory, your Multi-View Workstation will be ready to rock and roll with multiple displays worth of data with no problem at all! PC Illuminate Multi-Display Workstations feature more memory as a standard option than any other desktop manufacturer in the world to help drive the extra graphical and processing data associated with multi-display computing. The Elite units feature quad channel DDR3 utilizing the latest Intel X79 high performance chipset to further increase memory bandwidth and promote maximum system performance for advanced computing applications.

Intel 530 Series SSDs

PC Illuminate Multi-View Professional and Elite models feature the brand new record breaking Intel enterprise class solid state hard drives. The Intel 530 series drives featured in our workstations, offer lightning quick boot-up time and record breaking read / write performance unmatched in the industry. In addition, solid state drives are known for their rugged reliability since there are no mechanical moving parts, so you can rest assured that your data will remain safe and intact with your new PC Illuminate Multi-View workstation. The new 530 series drives from Intel take full advantage of the new SATA 3 6GB/s bandwidth and provide read speeds of up to 540MB/s and write speeds of up to 490MB/s, so your applications will be ready to run full speed ahead.
wind tunnel 

Wind Tunnel Advanced Cooling

The new PC Illuminate Multi-View Workstations feature a massive 200MM side mounted fan above the graphics card and CPU area to help keep your components and especially the graphics cards running at top performance. The chassis also features an additional 3 high performance 120MM fans in the front and rear of the case to complete the advanced refrigeration system of the Multi-View workstations. The fans are also optionally white LED lit with the touch of a button on the front control panel, giving the system a high tech and subtle high end aura to it if you like.

USB 3.0 & 1394 FireWire 

The chassis also features built in USB 3.0 ports on both the front and rear of the system so you will be prepared to utilize the next generation super speed USB devices. In addition, the system features 1394 FireWire connectivity and plenty of additional USB 2.0 Ports so you will always have easy access to system expansion with external devices and storage. The chassis also features an advanced mesh style construction for maximum airflow including ventilation on the top, bottom, front, and side of the computer for maximum airflow. The system also utilizes a revolutionary dust filter system, so you can easily remove the dust filters to clean them with a single press on the paneling to make sure your system always has maximum air ventilation. Now that's just plain cool!
Unique System Design 

The PC Illuminate Multi-View workstations were designed with ultimate performance in mind and crafted to reflect a level of perfection unmatched in the computer industry for increased reliability and system longevity in general. The customized chassis features advanced cable management to help greatly increase airflow, reduce clutter inside of the system, and help minimize the risk of electrical shorts and overheating. The open architecture of our Multi-View workstations allows for future upgrades to be easily installed by the end user and ensures the life cycle of our system will be unsurpassed in the industry. Each Multi-View system has additional open drive bays and expansion ports for future expansion, should the need arise.
onsite warranty coverage Nationwide On-Site Warranty

We come to you if there is ever a problem with your PC Illuminate Multi-View Workstation! We all know things can go wrong with computers, and it's good to have the peace of mind that you will have toll free tech support, and if needed a technician will come out to service your unit free of charge (within the United States) during the warranty period! Just one more reason why the PC Illuminate Multi-View Workstations are the premier multi-monitor desktop computers and a step above the competition!





Multi-View Workstations



base    Multi-View Professional    Multi-View Elite 
Multi-View SE3   Multi-View ZX2 Professional   Multi-View ZX5 Elite
The Multi-View SE3 system is our supped up entry level multi-monitor workstation. Featuring the brand new Eight Core AMD 32nm FX-8320 CPU, it will have plenty of power to drive up to 6 monitors and is perfect for multi-tasking, web design, day trading, and other office applications. Watch your productivity soar to new levels with a massive desktop real estate powered by a brand new Multi-View Multi-Monitor Workstation and Display from PC Illuminate!   The Multi-View ZX2 Professional is a power house of a multi-monitor workstation ready to handle some serious multi-tasking on up to 12 monitors. It is ideal for video editing, the serious day trader, and other power computing activities. The Quad Core Intel i7 3770K CPU & 120GB Intel 530 series SSD help this system boot up and respond lightning quick to your applications. The ZX2 is housed in our brand new wind tunnel chassis for extra high performance and durability.   The all new Multi-View ZX5 Elite system is a record breaking flagship multi-monitor workstation quite capable to handle even the heaviest workloads across 12 monitors. The ZX5 was designed with the power user in mind and will out-benchmark just about any other workstation on the market today thanks to the brand new i7 hex core 3930K CPU, 240GB 530 series SSD, and up to 64GB of DDR3 memory. The ZX5 is housed in our brand new wind tunnel chassis for extra high performance and durability
Supports 2-6 Panel Displays    Supports 2-12 Panel Displays   Supports 2-12 Panel Displays
AMD FX-8320 Eight Core CPU   Intel i7 3770K Quad Core CPU    Intel i7 3930K Hex Core CPU
16GB DDR3 System Memory    32GB DDR3 System Memory   64GB DDR3 System Memory 
21GB/s Memory Bandwidth   25.6GB/s Memory Bandwidth   51.2GB/s Memory Bandwidth
3X SE3: Single ATi Eyefinity 6450 GPU   3X ZX2: Single ATi Eyefinity 7770 GPUs   3X ZX5: Single ATi Eyefiity 7770 GPU
4X SE3: Dual ATi Eyefinity 6450 GPUs   4X ZX2: Single ATi Eyefinity 7870 GPU   4X ZX5: Single ATi Eyefinity 7870 GPU
6X SE3: Dual ATi Eyefinity 7750 GPUs   6X ZX2: Dual ATi Eyefinity 7770 GPUs   6X ZX5: Dual ATi Eyefinity 7770 GPUs
    8X ZX2: Dual ATi Eyefinity 7870 GPUs   8X ZX5: Dual ATi Eyefinity 7870 GPUs
    12X ZX2: Dual ATi Eyefinity 7950 GPUs   12X ZX5 Dual ATi Eyefinity 7970 GPUs
2TB 7200RPM System & Data Drive   240GB Intel 530 Series SSD System  Drive + 2TB 7200RPM Data Drive   240GB Intel 530 Series SSD System Drive + Dual 2TB Automatic Backup Data Drives in RAID 1
DVD / CD Burner   Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Burner    Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Burner
Secondary DVD Burner For Easy Direct Duplication   Secondary DVD Burner For Easy Direct Duplication   Secondary DVD Burner For Easy Direct Duplication
Windows 8 Professional x64 Edition   Windows 8 Professional x64 Edition   Windows 8 Professional x64 Edition
Built In 802.11n WiFi   Built In 802.11n WiFi   Built In 802.11n WiFi
Logitech Keyboard / Mouse Combo   Logitech Keyboard / Mouse Combo   Logitech Keyboard / Mouse Combo
3 Year On-Site Warranty   3 Year On-Site Warranty   3 Year On-Site Warranty
 $2699-$3299 ON SALE NOW!    $3999-$5499 ON SALE NOW!    $4999-$6499 ON SALE NOW!
SE3 Model
ZX2 Model
ZX5 Model
Optional SE3 Upgrades   Optional ZX2 Upgrades   Optional ZX5 Upgrades
Upgrade CPU To Intel i7 3770K - $250
Add Hard Drive(s) - Up To 6
Add Hard Drive(s) - Up To 6
Upgrade To Blu-Ray Burner - $99
Office Software
Office Software
Add Hard Drive(s) - Up To 6
Office Software
Upgrade RAM From 16GB To 32GB DDR3 - $249